Aro Macro Fund

Lower Risk, Higher Return in the Long-term

Aro Macro Fund

The Aro Macro Fund (Aro) is the core to our clients investments.

The long-term target objective is to return above 10%  p.a. over the long-term, while reducing the volatility of the portfolio value. The strategy utilises economic cycles, which should enhance returns and mitigate market downturns.

The portfolio is not benchmarked against any market index. It focuses on the correlation of the assets and fair value of the market, to reduce the portfolio risk to capital value.

Overall, investment has 5 processes:

Economic Analysis

Investment Analysis

Asset Correlation Analysis

Global Market Analysis

Long term Strategy (LRMS)

The Long-term Risk Management System (LRMS) is the foundation of the fund. It's primarily objective is to:

  • Mitigate systemic (market) risk

  • Utilise and benefit from market downturns

  • Remove subjectivity of economic and market data

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